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Author Susan Renee

Beyond the Game Signed Paperback

Beyond the Game Signed Paperback

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I knocked up my sister’s co-worker.
And I didn’t even know her name.
I know. This sounds really bad, but listen, I can explain.

To hockey fans, I’m known for my strength and skills on the ice.
To women, I’m known for my talent and endurance in the bedroom.

So, when a beautiful woman introduces herself as Amanda Hugginkiss and tells me the only vacation regret she has, is not hooking up with someone who could “rearrange her guts” – her words, not mine – who would I be to not give the pretty lady the happy ending she desires?

Amanda Hugginkiss, meet Ben Dover.
Yeah. It was like that, fake names and all, and dare I say, it was a climactic experience more thrilling than game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals.

After that night I’ve done nothing but think about Amanda Hugginkiss.
I miss her. I crave her. I’m desperate to experience that night with her again, but I have no way of knowing who she really is or how to find her.

Until she walks into my penthouse several months later with my sister…every bit as beautiful, and very, VERY pregnant.

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