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Author Susan Renee

Bonus Game (Discreet Special Edition)

Bonus Game (Discreet Special Edition)

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I was the first one on the team to get married.

I was the first one of us to have a kid.

I was also the first one of us whose marriage went up in flames, making me the team's first single dad.

Yeah, not one of my better saves.

Not that I'm complaining. My daughter is my life. I'd do anything for her but let's be real, being a single dad to a four-year-old and the star-goalie for the Chicago Red Tails is no easy feat. If my parents weren’t around to help out I don’t know what I would do, but they aren’t getting any younger. The season is about to get into full swing and Elsie is starting preschool which means I need a new plan.

So, when my teammates suggest a full-time nanny, I'm open to the idea.

The best candidate for the job is kind, energetic, compassionate, and fun. But fate is testing me because she’s also smoking hot. I can hardly keep my eyes—much less my hands—off of her. I have to though because she's perfect for my daughter.

The problem is...

I think she might also be perfect for me.

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