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Author Susan Renee

I Loved You Then Signed Paperback

I Loved You Then Signed Paperback

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When the one you let get away is back in town broken and alone, you stop at nothing to help her, even if your secret could break her all over again.

See that girl over there sitting in my bar?
That’s Savannah Turner.
She was everything I ever thought I could want back in high school, but she never knew it.
She was the one I let get away because I was too scared to pursue her.

Now she’s back in town, alone and broken, trying to pick up the pieces of her life after enduring the worst tragedy of her existence. I would give anything to be the one by her side, holding her hand, helping her heal, but the guilt that consumes me when I see her is crippling.

I can’t ever tell her why.
I can’t tell anyone.
If she found out, it could break her all over again.

That’s a weight nobody ever imagines themselves needing to carry.
Certainly not me.
But fate can be cruel.

*Author's note - This story is a rebranding and republication of the book that was previously titled SEVEN. The story has not changed from its originaly publication except for the title and cover in order to bring it into the Bardstown Series! So if you read SEVEN (Bryant and Savannah's story) then you've already read this book! Though who am I to stop you from reading it again?!

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