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Author Susan Renee

Kamana Wanalaya Signed Paperback

Kamana Wanalaya Signed Paperback

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What could be more fun than spending a week in Hawaii right before the holidays?
I’ll tell you.
Inviting the grumpiest stranger I've never met to join me.

She is Tenley Shay, the voice behind TJ ON PAR, a podcast for Practical Adult Relationships, who spends her days touting her disapproval of love and the practicality of remaining a single-bell for life.

When I, as my Love Guru persona, publish an article about spending a week at a couple’s retreat at my favorite Hawaiian resort, she’s quick to pass on her cynicism. So, I’m calling her bluff and inviting her on an all-expense paid trip to the Kamana Wanalaya Resort for a little R&R before the holidays.

If I can’t get her to fall in love, I’ll donate to her podcast.

But once we finally meet and are coupled together for the week, I find myself attracted to her feisty antics and her twisted sense of humor. Now I think I might be in way over my head.

Can I really ask the world’s biggest relationship cynic to risk everything, forget about her thoughts on love and take a real chance, with me?

Author's note: This book is a steam-filled romcom! Definately not a family friendly holiday read for the kids! Please don't do it lest they be scarred for life!

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